A few things noticed on Valentine’s Day 06

The Mrs.. and I had dinner at Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse last night. Here is a list of things brought to our attention last night.

1) Signs aren’t usually there for show – Due to the wind tunnel that was apparent last night there was a sign clearly written in big letters on the inner set of the 2 set of door entering the restaurant. It read “Please Close Red Door Before Opening”. Pretty simple eh? The Red Door was the main door. I counted at least 10 people who would stand there, read the sign and then open the door with the other open. Then they’d fight to get the door open. One person even said “they should put a sign up to warn you about this!”

2) If you are 15-20 minutes LATE for your reservation that does NOT mean you are seated as soon as you walk in the door when there are people in the next time slot. Some young kid and his woman come in and then had the nerve to bitch for 15 minutes about how it’s ridiculous that they have to wait. Of course, these kids are seated by us come dinner time.

2b) This also fucks up the rotation when you throw a fit and get your way. Last night we waited 25 minutes longer than expected. Why? Because assholes like those mentioned above screwed up the system.

2c) People, it’s Valentines Day. reservation time is tentative. EVERY COUPLE is most likely out. This is common sense. Deal with it. Another prudish bitch was complaining as soon as she was 5 minutes over and then proceeded to ask everyone when their reservations were for. If you haven’t learned by now, this drops you down on the list. Deny it all you want. All of us that have worked or have dated someone who worked the duty know that once you raise a fit to the hostess you’re screwed. They usually make minimum wage. They really don’t give a rats ass who you are. Take a seat and shut up.

2d) here’s a conversation we heard between a patron and the hostess:
Guy in leather jacket, stringy blonde hair mullet, probably wearing KICKS and dives an I-ROC with confederate flag painted on it. We’ll call him Cletus: “This is fucking LAME man! I waited 45 minutes, was just seated and have had the WORST service ever!”
Hostess: Sir I’m sorry but I’m not the man…
Cletus: I don’t care WHO you are! I want my money back!
Hostess: Sir you didn’t pay for anything yet
Cletus: yeah so! this is a joke and we’re leaving!

Now picture leopard sweatpants.

3) Leopard sweatpants are not fashionable at ANY point. Please keep these at home.

4) If you are going out to dinner to a restaurant where most items are typically $20 or more a plate find a baby sitter and keep your 5 kids at home. For the sake of other couples trying to enjoy Valentines Day buy them a pizza. They’ll get over it. If we wanted to be subjected to kids we’d have some.

5) I can eat with chopsticks and you can’t. get over it.

Next week is the big 3-0 for your’s truly. I’m not looking forward to this at all.

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2 Responses to A few things noticed on Valentine’s Day 06

  1. Michael says:

    The true solution here is to realize VD is like New years Eve and St patricks day, every asshole is gonna try to be out there. VD day is for stupid couples. Smart people celebrate the week before because restraraunts are still lacking after piss poor holiday sales or the week after.

    Even smarter people disregard this holiday altogether.

  2. spoon says:

    Even the smartest people lack common sense which is what you need to go out and enjoy that night.

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