Duquesne objects to casino. They just need a hug.


Proving once again that just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you’re smart, President Charles J. Dougherty came out this week and said “We just don’t think it makes sense and don’t think it’s fair to our students to put that kind of a temptation within a three-minute walk from campus,” he said.”

Let’s take a step back… inhale… exhale… ok. So having a slots casino (just slots, no other games) is a temptation but the numerous bars around campus aren’t? What about the credit card solicitors that show up on campus? Apparently these aren’t considered temptations to worry about. Neither are the hookers and dealers surrounding the outside walls of the Duquesne Empire.

All that aside, President Dougherty should have an issue with the casino in general. Since Duquesne is in the heart of the city, what’s stopping a 5 minute ride to Station Square if the casino goes there? Most of your on campus residents are under 21 to start with. They’d have a better chance getting into a bar than a casino.

Finally this is the one that kills me… “Mr. Dougherty cited studies that have shown that 3 to 5 percent of the population with easy access to casinos will develop gambling problems. He said the percentage is higher among young adults.” This may be true but are your facts based around JUST slots or a Casino with cards and wheels? I don’t know of anyone between 21-35 that would spend time on the slots. The money is in Poker and that’s where the teens get hooked. Hell, parents let their kids host poker nights. How about having a chat with them. Go to the bars around the campus and tell them to stop Texas Hold’em Nights.

Since a slots parlor is such a temptation I think that Mr. Charles J. Dougherty should focus on the places that sell poker chips, decks of cards and dice. Oh yeah, and cancel your Monte Carlo sponsored nights too. Yeah it’s fake money but it’s encouraging people to gamble. Oh yeah and your BINGO games… that’s gambling also.

Bingo Night – Every Tuesday Night – http://www.studentactivities.duq.edu/cal_feb.html

I hate repeating myself but on this issue I can’t help but voice it. If you don’t have ALL of your fact straight don’t open your fucking mouth just because you think that you need to speak. This is a prime example of yet another un/mis informed ass with access to the media to draw attention. there are far too many people who have no idea what this slots parlor license is all about. Instead they feel the need to act like the morals brigade. “This could corrupt our kids! OH SHIT! Move it away… but if you could help us out with some donations that would be great.” What about the other proposed areas? Who’s worry about them? Of course not you. There’s temptation all around and unless you censor every piece of media out there you’re wasting your time and sucking up oxygen I could use. “Oh it’s a start”. No it’s not. Unless you put all of your students in locked rooms and only let out at feeding time, you’ll still run the risk of some form of temptation.

This guy is ranking up there with the parents I bitched about earlier. I can’t believe this yutz is a President. I’d be embarrassed if I was an alumni.

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  1. Michael says:

    This will certainly compete with the Capmus sponsored BINGO events…

    Stupid Catholics…

  2. Michael says:

    Duqusne also just announce it will allow students to use the internet even though there are ‘temptations’ out there…

  3. spoon says:

    BINGO! aw shit i forgot to mention that. I’m addicted to it. Do I have a gambling addiction?

  4. Stoosh says:

    Dougherty is too stupid to realize the very simple axiom of human nature. If people want to do it badly enough, they’ll find a way to do it. Right now, Dougherty’s students can all pile in their cars and drive an hour to Wheeling. Or with the money they save by purchasing their textbooks used instead of new, they can buy themselves round-trip airfare and a couple nights’ stay at a casino in Vegas for a weekend. And I guess this means we should ban squares for football games. And good crikey, better have a campus-wide bonfire for all the NCAA Tournament pools that’ll be coming out in six weeks.

    I don’t get this need to have to protect everyone from everything all the damn time. There are things worth protecting people from and I don’t have a problem with that. But people go to hell with the joke.

    But I just spent a week in Vegas for my honeymoon around Thanksgiving. My wife and I gambled at a number of casinos on the Vegas strip, from the lavish (Wynn’s, Venetian, Bellagio) to the somewhat-seedy (Stardust). At no time at any of those places did someone from the casino have a gun pointed at my head when I got up to leave the casino floor.

    That’s the problem…too many people want us to protect ourselves from…ourselves.

  5. Lexxi says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with a school objecting to a casino. Just because some people approve of gambling and do in fact gamble does not mean everyone has to like it or want it in their backyard.
    Although the upshot is revenue, gambling also breeds alcohol problems, gambling addictions, prostitution, etc…maybe not everyone wants to deal with that.

  6. Father Spoon says:

    Correct, there’s no problem with them objecting but their motives are moot when one of the people involved with the decision has direct ties with the company competing with the IoC deal.

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