Question about the Steelers?

Apparently since I live in Pittsburgh, everyone I know seems to think I’m the information booth for everything in this city. Specifically the Steelers right now. Why? hell if I know. So here is a FAQ compiled from emails and posts left for me on message boards:

Q: Where can i get a copy if the Pittsburgh Steelers Polka?
A: click here

Q: How about the “Here we go!” song?
A: I personally hate this song. WDVE starts playing this after the first win of the season. They need destroyed. Go to your local store and buy a copy for $8

Q: What is the Steelers Prayer?
A: Our Father,
Who is Art Rooney in Heaven,
Football be thy game.
Thy Kingdom come,
4 Super Bowls won
On earth as it is at Heinz Field.
Give us this day our playoff victory,
And forgive us our penalties,
As we defeat those who play against us
Lead us to a playoff Victory,
And deliver us to Detroit.

Q: Why does everyone drink Iron City?
A: I think the steel mills killed everyone’s tastebuds.

Q: What’s the deal with that logo and why is it only on one side?
A: from – The Steelers logo is based on the Steelmark logo belonging to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). Created by U.S. Steel Corp. (now known as USX Corp.), the logo contains three hypocycloids (diamond shapes).

Equipment manager Jack Hart was instructed to put the logo only on one side of the helmet – the right side. The 1962 Steelers finished 9-5 and became the winningest team in franchise history to date. The team finished second in the Eastern Conference and qualified for the Playoff Bowl. They wanted to do something special for their first postseason game, so they changed the color of their helmets from gold to black, which helped to highlight the new logo.

Because of the interest generated by having the logo on only one side of their helmets and because of their team’s new success, the Steelers decided to leave it that way permanently.

Q: What is the Terrible Towel?
A: from wikipedia – The Terrible Towel is a gimmick created by Myron Cope, a broadcaster for the Pittsburgh Steelers (an American football team). Needing a way to excite the fans during a 1975 playoff football game against the Baltimore Colts, Cope urged fans to take yellow dish towels to the game and wave them throughout.

Q: What is in a Roethlisburger and where can I get one?
A: “The Roethlisburger,” available at Peppi’s restaurants on the North Side, Downtown, in the Strip District and Highland Park, has likewise become a huge seller in the three weeks it has been offered. The sandwich is 11*2 pounds of ground beef, hot sausage, fried onions, scrambled egg and American cheese.

Q: Where can I buy (Steelers) Super Bowl Swag:
A: Pretty much anywhere but here are links to the Steelers Shop, Dick’s Sporting Goods and the NFL.

Q: Can you send me a Primanti’s sammich?
A: That thought is disgusting. Visit their website and give them a call.

Q: Why don’t the Steelers have cheerleaders?
A: The Steelers had in fact the FIRST ever NFL cheerleaders, the Steelerettes. The following was taken from – This was to be the last year for the Steelerettes. In addition to the “look” becoming outdated, Robert Morris now had its own football team, complete with cheerleaders, and interest in the Steelerettes had diminished. Robert Morris College had grown over the last few years and the student body had changed. The school was successfully developing an impressive curriculum and offered many extra-curricular activities. Students seemed to be more interested in school related events and less interested in cheering for a professional team that appeared to be going nowhere.

Q: The AP says that this picture is of Ben and Jerome. Is that true?
A: Nope. AP screwed up. That’s not Ben. KDKA aired a video from which that picture was taken. Ben was in a jacket and had headphones on.

Q: What do you think of the Steeler Baby?
A: disturbing

Q: Have you had enough coverage of the Steelers yet?
A: I’m ready to puke. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Steelers but every station here has at least 4 reporters in Detroit right now and the first 15 minutes of each broadcast and last 10 are dedicated to the Steelers. For 2 weeks I’ve had to listen to coverage of when Ben takes a shit or Jerome has a bad nap. It wouldn’t really be that annoying if coverage like this didn’t start 30 days before training camp every fucking year. Someone just give me 5 minutes with David Johnson, John Fedko and a tire iron.

Q: Are you having a Super Bowl Party?
A: Yes and you’re not invited.

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2 Responses to Question about the Steelers?

  1. Brad says:

    NICE! Love the last paragraph! See operationshortbus for Steeler’s rant! 🙂

  2. cruisingdon says:

    As a ‘Burgher living out here in Seattle…..

    GO BOYS!!

    You done good and made it worth all the taunts in the bar today!!!

    Luckily, I tipped the bartender (heavily) and he played a CD I’d made of the Steeler Polka after the game was over. Best money I’ve spent in a long time.

    Thanks for a great ride, Bus…..

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