Free (Terrestrial) Radio vs Satellite Radio

When it came to radio for years I have said “There’s no way in hell I’m PAYING for something I could get for free.” I saw no point in it. Besides in a car I never listen to the radio. I’m a music junkie though. I always need to have some form of sound close by. As time went on I really became annoyed with local programming. The whole yinzer vibe of DVE was starting to get to me (probably because I’m not native to it) . WXDX was only good for the morning drive when Alan Cox would enlighten me on current events or offer an insight to something I didn’t already see online. Besides that it was the same music every 3 hours. The same BORING music followed by 4-5 commercials. KROCK tried to pick up the slack of WXDX and DVE by offering “the best of both” station but once again… same songs. I could also only listen to the cd’s in my car so much.

This past fall I started to look into this a little bit more.. XM or Sirius. Howard is on Sirius but I’ve never been a real fan of his so that wasn’t a selling point. You can only take so many midget/gay porn/freestyle spanking/stick something up my arse episodes. Their programming seemed decent besides that fact. A friend of mine let me use his online account to see if I liked the programming. Listened for a few days and liked it but then I noticed something similar. Same programming just about every day.

The spoon’s go to Best Buy for some holiday shopping and I pick up a flyer on XM. Tried talking to the gel infused spike haired white homeboy working in stereo section. All he seemed to know was that “it’s broadcasted by these satellite things in space and like they play music and sports stuff.” I think he was high. Oh lookie here, NHL coverage AND a Hockey talk show. Hmm ok they have Opie and Anthony. Mario seems to like these guys too. Plenty of alternative rock stations and also exclusive live shows. Christmas morning came and there was my XM under the tree.

This is by far the best investment this winter. We traveled to the in-laws over the holiday and never lost a signal. Lord knows that when we go to Erie I’ll need something to cope with up there (thanks again Mario). O&A’s morning show is far superior to Stern’s (I’ve heard mp3’s of the shows) and can say that Howie is out of his element. It’s rare that I hear the same song even twice in one day and the selection is amazing. Quality is excellent and online broadcasting is flawless. Next up is getting the plug in so I can play it on the home stereo.

Know what we need on satellite radio next… The Real Happy Hour 🙂

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  1. Kurt Johnson says:

    Thanks for the plug Father Spoon. You’ve got some damn good karma on the way my friend.


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