Pens to Vegas? JACKPOT!

Sorry I couldn’t resist. I’ve been asked alot since yesterday about the Pens and the whole Vegas move/Station Square development so here you go. Quit bugging me. This is the only time I’ll say it.

If the Pens group doesn’t get the slots license and if the arena is unattainable, word is that Boots Del Biaggio will be sold the team and Mayflower them to Vegas. Do I believe this? Eh not sure. It could happen although there has been no talk of any Vegas interest in a hockey team. Houston and KC are all gung ho about it I really don’t see a general interest in those cities for anything more than another pro team. Hell give them Roller derby for all I care.

The big Madden news. *oye* this has blown up all over. I know some of the people involved in this one so I’ll break it down how I was told. I’m not claiming to be “in” or have “super secret contacts”. This is just what came up in discussion. Clear Channel is revamping their concert venues. C.A.S.S. is going to be torn down and a building will be erected for the purpose of a slots parlor. Should the Station Square group NOT get the license then it will be turned into a high-rise. The last show at CASS will probably be in June. The reason why this is such a big deal is because the S.S. Group has been reported as donating a hefty amount of money to our current Governor’s election campaign last year. To award them the license when others have proven stronger cases for assisting the city will have residents everywhere screaming that the fix is in.

The Pens plan has a 1 BILLION dollar re-development plan for the Hill District area and would also provide a new arena for the city. Cost to residents – 0$. No tax money whatsoever. See why this is such a big issue here. It would be a no brainer right? Wrong. The media has skewed this to being “Mario’s Arena” and another crybaby attempt to get what he wants. So naturally non-hockey fans are saying screw you! What people don’t realize is that this arena is for EVERYONE! Numerous touring acts have passed up the arena because it’s inadequate to support modern shows/stages. The roof leaks (as I’ve found out from my seat) and the seating is horrible.
Pittsburgh will need a new arena in 4-5 years anyways so why risk losing it’s biggest tenant who also brings in 50-60mil a year (as reported by KDKA).

*whew* I need me some Hendricks to chill for a bit.

If you want to keep up on the real news and not what some hacks with an internet access post check out

From today’s
Lawmakers endorse Penguins’ arena-casino plan <--click it

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