The RETURN of Drinking Dreidel 161

From our sister station newly relocated to Tampa FLA, krod tv, comes a new drinking game for the ages and just in time for your holiday season. Drinking Dreidel joins the only 2 things that Ireland has up to this point been able to accomplish where others have failed… drinking and religion. The site has easy to follow instructions and even a video to get you on your way. Check out the site. You won’t be let down!

The Dreidel has moved to Should I Drink That! ->

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2 Responses to The RETURN of Drinking Dreidel 161

  1. Brad says:

    I have one of those at my desk!

  2. Dawn says:

    Oh the dreidel! I hope everyone had a merry xmas, happy hanukuh (sp???), and happy new year, living by the magic of the drinking dreidel. Being Irish, I guess this is why I was so drawn to drinking dreidel. Everyone should enjoy!

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