Mark Madden calls out the City of Pittsburgh and Gov. Officials

This will be his opening monologue today on his radio show (starts 3pm EST). ESPN 1250AM in Pittsburgh. There is a link to the online radio feed. I will be commenting on this shortly. Felt the need to get this to the masses ranked higher.

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Today is a somber day on the MM show. Somber because I must declare war. I must declare war on that pig of a governor, Ed Rendell. On that scumbag of a mayor, Bob O’Connor. On the various and sundry dolts that leave a trail of slime through the city, county and state governments. On the crooked, bent, on-the-take hacks that determine who’s gonna get the stand-alone slots license here in Pittsburgh. You heard Mario Lemieux on SAT. Nothing’s getting done, so he and the Penguins’ other owners are gonna consider all their options, and rightfully so. Mario’s been getting jerked around since he bought the Penguins out of bankruptcy, and enough is enough.

The Penguins cannot initiate negotiations w/other cities until after the season is over. Their lease w/Mellon Arena, of course, runs out following the 06-07 season. Here’s a little loophole, though…other cities can initiate negotiations w/the Penguins RIGHT NOW, and one option already on the table would see Boots Del Biagio buy the Pens and move them to fabulous Las Vegas. A deal hasn’t been finalized w/Boots, but it wouldn’t take long. Boots has the dough, and he’s ready to move.

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Spoon’s take on this:
For I think the first time in my life I completely agree with MM. The last deal I heard was that if the Pens get the slots license then basically NO money will need to come from the city, state or tax payers. How can this not be viewed as the best possible idea? The problem is that friggin Joe Yinzer can’t get past the rationalization that this isn’t “Mario’s Arena”, it’s the city’s. Countless times we’ve heard that national acts have passed over Pittsburgh because the arena isn’t accommodating anymore. Yes the Pens are the major tenants for the arena but what happens when they leave? Oh that’s right, the Pittsburgh Xplosion will draw the fans in. Explaining logic like this to the masses though is as difficult as trying to get Yinzer Nation out of the 70’s.

It’s been estimated that the Pens brign in 71mil a season for this city when you figure in parking money, restaurants/bars attendance and people that buy the merch from local vendors. Pens leave and where do you pick up the slack? What about the Pirates? Now I’m sure the Bucs bring in some good cash but they’re not downtown. The North Shore won’t crumble if the Pirates leave. The Pens are basically what’s keeping Downtown alive with life on a regular basis in the winter and early spring. To lose this franchise could very well be the final nail in the coffin for this city. People will argue that there is still a great “cultural district” downtown, which is true, but that won’t bring in nearly the attendance nor revenue that the Pens do. If you like it or not, Mellon arena needs to go. It will be replaced in the next 5-10 years when even less national acts come here so why not nip it in the bud right now?

I find it very hard for the NHL to ever consider us for a franchise again when you have other Canadian cities much more worthy. Heck, I find it tough to have any faith left in this city which has been a downward spiral since I moved here in 98.

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  1. Hooter says:

    Gee, you move in; and the city goes to shit. Hmm, how hard was THAT to figure out.


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