Today’s lesson kids… Don’t play Crazy Bomb Guy with US Marshals

Rigoberto Alpizar was shot by U.S. Marshals as he left an American Airlines flight declaring that the backpack worn around his chest was a bomb. I find it disturbing that anyone has questioned the actions taken by the marshals based on the reports that I’ve read and it really chaps my ass. We are in a time when any unusual activity in a mode of transportation will cause fear. We can no longer deny that there are unstable people out there who will do anything to strike fear in the public and it CAN happen to you. How was anyone supposed to know he didn’t really have a bomb? These officers did their job and what happens? They’re placed on Administrative Leave! Man that amazes me. There was some media official at the airport that probably said “Oh boy! ooohhh boy! (yes like Rainman) Oh boy what do we do? Ok, so not as to hurt feelings lets put these guys on leave and make it look like we’re investigating. Then after a week or so we say that our answers are conclusive and these guys were in the right.” Bullshit. People need to quit being so goddamn sensitive and tell it like it is. No wonder there are so many sissy la la nancy boys out there. When did we become so sensitive? When people started winning lawsuits against companies because of their own stupidity (see the lady that beat McDonalds for hot coffee or making someone fat) and when parents decide that “the community” can raise their kids. Different rant for another time. No more need for a tangent.

Here’s the deal. No matter what your condition, if you act like you have a bomb, don’t be surprised if you get arrested or better yet, shot. It’s common sense. If you’re that whacked out of your gourd then you shouldn’t be traveling to start with.

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