Happy 7th Spoonniversity, Pittsburgh

7 years ago today I blessed you jagoffs with my presence for good, started my professional IT career and haven’t left. Buy me a cake. Many things have changed over the last 7 years and only a few carry regret. Eh I was a stupid 22 yr old movin to da big city on his own… what do ya expect? Now I’m married, have a place to call my own, a few cars and I’m no longer forced to live off of Ramen noodles or Hormel chili.

Still seems like yesterday I was moving into Oakland with my beat up 84 Cav. I wonder what Victorio is up to these days?

This also happened 7 years ago today…

  • America celebrated the 57th anniversary of Pearl Harbor
  • Delaware celebrated it’s 211th anniv. of being the first state
  • Indonesia invades East Timor 23 years prior
  • 15yr anniversary of the first execution by lethal injection in the US
  • 10 yr anniversary of an earthquake that devastates Armenia
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    1. Brad says:

      Happy Anniversary Jagoff!!

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