mmm smells like burnt Ewok

but damn it was tasty!

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had this much on my plate at once that I’m actually at a loss for what to do next. I need to sit down and prioritize content for this site. I’ve seen a nice jump in visitors thanks to The Real Happy Hour folks so I guess I should get my shite back on track. Still working on the grilling section, recently founded a Father Spoon personality to run with and there’s a few rants that have come up. All of that mixed with you jagoffs who have no patience for seeing the wedding photos and keep naggin me for them “right now! hurry up! What’s taking so long?” since word leaked I got them back last weekend. People, there are over 500 pictures I’m working on. You get them when I’m ready.

Christmas is coming up soon and of course that means more bickering and timeless bullshite for families across the nation. Lushie and I are pretty much set with what we’re going to do so now it’s just a matter breaking hearts across western PA. That’s one added thing to look forward to when we start having kids. We’re not leaving our house for any holiday. Thanksgiving is an ordeal every year and I wont even get started with Christmas… yet 🙂 *sighs* oh to dream. Maybe it’s hitting us more this year since we haven’t had a free weekend home to ourselves since September.

Wait can I still say Christmas? Heh, yeah that’s another thing pissing me off lately and from what I’ve seen Franco is jazzed about it also.

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