Still around… somewhere

What a crazy few weeks this has been.

First off Clarks radio will be offline for a day or so. We’re re-working the layout of the home office to make it more effective… and to get it ready for all of the new gear i have in the pipeline 🙂 oh it’s gonna be hella sweet. Will there be a Mac involved? We shall see.

Secondly I was gone for a good 4 days for the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoyed it with the in-laws and also attended a wedding and baby shower. Good time for the wedding. Pics coming soon.

Third and last… it was a natural fuckin disaster here last Wednesday with snow. Interstates were closed. Snow came up about 5 inches. Fast Forward to today. It was 67 and sunny. Wednesday it will be 37 and snowing. What the bloody hell is going on here?

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