Pearl Jam goes all Soundgarden

But he added he had been mulling an album title that was a play on Soundgarden’s “Superunknown”: “I was thinking of the word ‘un-owned’ — not owned by anybody,” he said. “The sky is un-owned. The moon is un-owned. We’re un-owned. We want to remain un-owned. The title was ‘Superun-owned.’ ”

**note from spoon**
I freaking LOVE this. If the domain name here didn’t give it away then i suggest you go step in front of a train right now. Thank you.

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  1. HiL says:

    Pearl Jam really stands down the earth, didn’t they? Still Vedder gave credit to Soundgarden, making a memory of their best-friend’s (and now his drummer’) band. I miss Cornell-Vedder teamed up!

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