Tiki Bar TV – They have saved my faith in the net

mmm LaLa

One of my big complaints about the Net these days is the lack of original content. It was as though the Net as a whole was at a creative roadblock. Even myself was stuck to make something new. Then the IM window appeared. I clicked the link and the clouds cleared. Birds sang. Dogs and cats quit sleeping together. I found my salvation… Tiki Bar TV.


Someone converted their apartment into a tiki bar and started filming short skits. What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that before? What you will find in each episode (yes even the first) is Tiki Mail, how to make each “prescription” from Dr. Tiki and someone getting loaded. Oh yeah, and they have Lala(pictured above)… the hottest tiki vixen on the web since the crazy bible bumper bitch hit my screen. Personally I dig Missy in Episode 2 – Suffering Bastard.

You can find this in itunes under podcasts. Tune in. You’ll love it. Now I have to wonder… how does spoon get a chance to visit the Tiki Bar? I can beat anyone at drinking checkers. Just ask Griff 🙂

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