Game on! Really folks… I’m not kidding

Ok, for the record I need to bring this to everyone’s attention who’s whining, bitching and moaning this morning because of last night’s 5-1 Pens loss. It was the FIRST friggin game. 81 more to go. Most of these gusy havent played before on the same team. Now come Nov. if they are still bad, you can bitch. All you bandwagon fans that have jumped on this ride, what did you expect? 82-0? The problem I see is with those members of Yinzer nation who cried that the Steelers would be 6-10 because Ben lost a preseason game. This is hockey. Our fans are different. We will kill you if you bring the Steeler doom and gloom to us. I’m not kidding. Seriously. Hockey fans are their own breed. Check it at the door.

Now, my take on last night and random things I shouted while at the bar:
1) Crosby’s pass to Recchi was amazing for his first point.
2) T-bo stay in the friggin net!
3) T-bo can’t play the rebound
4) T-bo falls down alot. I think the ice is just slippy
5) Brooks, we have new rules. Learn them. Apparently not playing during the lockout has rusted your skills.
6) our power play teams sucked but still, give it time
7) the Pens seemed confused. always dumping the puck but then no one would go after it. skating around as if there were no plays organized. Looked like a bad deck hockey game
8) Kudos to jersey for playing aggressive hockey. they seemed very fast and very organized
9) Brodeur was a machine

When I got home I watched some of OLN’s coverage of the Flyers/Rangers game (cuz i couldnt miss out on straka!) and I must say… what a bust this will be for the NHL if OLN doesn’t get their act together. Coverage was HORRIBLE. It seemed like a cheesy 80’s station or a KBL reject. Clement needs to shut his trap also. Very disappointed in the first broadcast. Audio/Video wasnt synched, camera angles were miserable… just bad all around.

Next game is tomorrow night followed by the home opener on Saturday. Time to plan the tailgate.

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