Pearl Jam / Rolling Stones @ PNC Park review

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Wow what can I say about last night… absolutely amazing. The mrs. and I got there around 6pm and the lines were all the way around the stadium. All I could think was “If I miss Eddie because of gate problems there will be bloodshed.” Come to find out that the Stones went over their time for sound check so everything was 30 minutes behind. We found a short line by LF Gate and went in after 10 minutes. Did some browsing of merch hoping to score a Pearl Jam shirt. No luck. Most stones shirts were $35, jackets $100. We headed up the escalator and arrived in our suite for the game. WS1960. If you ever get the chance to sit in one I highly suggest it. Fridge full of beer, nice spread of food and local celebs Steve Blass (former Pirate) and Mike Lange (HoF voice of the Pens) joined us. We took our seats and got ready for PJ (our reason for being there). The stage was the largest I have ever seen live. It stretched from left field to right field.

Pearl Jam finally came on at 6:59 and played what could be seen as a “greatest hits”. Their job was to get the crowd up and moving which is exactly what they did. I felt like a flashback to 1993-4 seeing ed with his long hair again and playing the hits from Ten and Vitology. Highlight was watching Mike playing his guitar behind his head for almost an entire song. Band closed with Rockin in the Free World which was flawless. One thing I noticed was how easy it is to tell where PJ and Stones fans separated. Over the years I’ve learned that at certain points in a few songs you make gestures. During Wishlist everyone raises their hands up high to “a million hands up raised.” Following tradition during Jeremy and Daughter I made a V and ROSE A BOOOOVE. The Stones fans were sitting on their butts looking at me like “wtf are you doing?” I loved the set they played. Here is the set list from PJ.

PEARL JAM – Started 6:59pm | Ended 8:04pm
01. Go
02. Corduroy
03. Animal
04. Even Flow
05. Gimme Some Truth
06. Given to Fly
07. Daughter (no tag)
08. Black
09. Betterman (/Save it for Later)
10. Jeremy
11. Last Kiss
12. Alive
13. Save You
14. Rockin in the Free World

And now the Stones… when I first decided to go to this show I had no intention of staying to see these guys but figured eh, it’s just something that I should see at some point in my life. How many of these bands are still around anyways? Oh holy hell am I glad I stayed. Our seats were upgraded from WS Suite to friggin front row of B-stage! I kid you not. The main stage had a track going to the middle of the field that had a smaller platform. Well about 1/2 way thru the set the main stage separated and the band was on a movable track coming right for us. As the cart slowed down it hit me that the Stones were going to be right in our face. When the cart stopped I was less than 10 ft from Mick and the guys. I was in awe. There’s me and 10 ft away are these legends of rock. They played 4 songs for us and then the cart moved back but for those tunes the entire stadium was focused on us. Overall the show was very entertaining. Theatrics were great and seriously people, at some point in your life go see the Stones. They may look like death but damn can they still play. Fireworks were going off and flames shot out from the top of the stage corners. Show ended and lights came on. THEN realized that we were standing on pitchers mound. Here is the set list the Stones used. songs 12-15 were played in front of us.

ROLLING STONES – Started 9:05pm | Ended 11:00pm
01. Start Me Up
02. You Got Me Rocking
03. She’s So Cold
04. Tumbling Dice
05. Rough Justice
06. Wild Horses (w/ Eddie Vedder)
07. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
08. Rocks Off
09. Night Time Is The Right Time (Ray Charles cover)
10. The Worst (Keith sings)
11. Infamy (Keith sings)
12. Miss You (from B-stage (near home plate))
13. Oh No Not You Again (B-stage)
14. Get Off Of My Cloud (B-stage)
15. Honky Tonk Women (from B-stage)
16. Sympathy For The Devil
17. Paint it Black
18. It’s Only Rock N’ Roll
19. Jumping Jack Flash
20. Satisfaction
21. Brown Sugar (encore)

One thing I will say too is that I have never seen so many hot ladies in one place. Fan favorite was this girl up front that was topless and had the Stones logo painted on her chest. My favorite shirt was wore by this drunk girl next to us that said “My boyfriend is out of town.” Last I saw Ron Wood instructed one of the roadies to give them backstage passes. Couldn’t have been more than 21 yrs old. God bless old rockers.

I’ve been converted. I had fun and enjoyed their music. Now i shall be on a mission to track down every photo, audio and video clip from the concert. Still trying to find a shirt from it that isn’t a size Large. Sympathy For The Devil is now one of my new fav. songs.

I understand that this isnt as indepth and stocked full of witty banter as most of my usual reviews but I think it will be a few days for me to be back 100%. This show kicked my ass. Still doesnt beat PJ in Buffalo 2003!

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4 Responses to Pearl Jam / Rolling Stones @ PNC Park review

  1. Debbie B says:

    Hey Spoon glad to hear you really enjoyed the Stones. I’m
    absolutely sure you felt like you got every penny’s worth of the ticket price….I (being older than dirt!) have seen them several times over the years and was always blown away! They really know how to put on a show. Just goes to show you…age (and in Keith’s!) isn’t everthing! Hope you recover soon..and thanks for posting this!
    Debbie B (Your NW Pa buddy)

  2. unsatisfied says:

    Ok…so you go from the WS1960 box with Blass and Lange up to the front row of the B-Stage. How did you manage THAT upgrade?!??

    Great review and pix, boss….makes me wish that I had plunked down the dinero to see it….damn.

  3. spoon says:

    I said “hey, don’t you know who I am? I’m porn star Jack Hammer!” and they let me go wherever. Had to sign some autographs so it was all good.

  4. Michael says:

    I’m glad someone enjoyed my weeks worth of work.

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