Sick and ready to burst

I’ve felt like a friggin truck ran over me since Friday night. Needless to say that all weekend plans were nixed for me. I told my better half to go ahead with her plans and go home. I just needed a few days to myself of rest and NyQuil cold/flu. I’m basically having everything she did last week which knocked her out for a good 5 days. I did nothing but sleep yesterday and was wired come nightfall. I played a whole season of NHL06 and watched about 3 movies. All of which sucked (mostly Team America). Plus side was that Welcome Back Kotter was on. You know I’m going to Tivo that from now on.

Now it comes to Steelers Sunday. A day traditionally I’m outside with beverages chilled and the grill on flames. Game isn’t till 4 so maybe I can be functional by then.

Pearl Jam and Stones concert is Wednesday. I wouldn’t miss that even if I was on my deathbed. I’m pumped for the greatest rock band ever… Pearl Jam! What, you think I’m actually a Stones fan? Please. I’ll stay because they’re on the bill. This is the difference between my brother and I. He wouldn’t think twice about missing PJ as I wouldn’t think twice about missing the Stones. Either way I’m expecting a good show. Who knows, maybe the old guys will impress me.

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