Maggie Wins BB6! Ivette, go home and shut up.

I’d like to take you back to my post on 7/9/05
Maggie – The ER nurse. Anyone that has been to one knows you dont mess with those ladies. they will fuck you up. Nuff said.

Well guess who won 4-3… Maggie. She played the game well. She started with being loud and in your face but then chilled out and convinced others to do her dirty work. I’m glad she took out Ivette. In fact I think Lushie was doing cartwheels in the house. Yes that’s right, all your whining about how bad you need this money (who doesn’t), your flaunting, over the top celebrating and in your face attitude bit you in the ass. Should have taken Janelle with you. So what if you would have broken your promise, it’s not like you were ever honest before.

My one reality show of the year is over. Now… back to hockey.

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2 Responses to Maggie Wins BB6! Ivette, go home and shut up.

  1. Dawn says:

    I am so happy that loud mouth didn’t win. I could not stand her!!!! Although I would have preferred Janelle win it all, I’m glad Maggie won over Ivetty bird.

  2. Kenny says:

    Janelle was sooooooo hot! Thats all I have to say.

    PS: Dawn got Bob into this too. Dunno if he stayed with it after we left.

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