Let’s get grillin!

Chicken Tenders courtesy of Cheers

I love it. I absolfuckinglutely love it. Turn on the gas and smack the flint. When I was first given the grill from my father-in-law as a Christmas present last year I figured I’d do a few steaks here and there but that was it since there are no master grillers in my family. Couple dogs, some meat and chicken. Little did I know that in less than a year I would become obsessed. I’ve gone from pre-packaged burgers to making homemade. I’ve become very picky about the cuts of meat I buy (I attribute that to the 2 years working in a butcher shop) and the sauces I use. It’s no longer a quick jaunt through Giant Eagle but a considerable amount of time in places like Bill’s Produce in the strip and Le Gourmet Chef picking out exactly what I think will compliment the other dishes. Plus LGC is good for new grilling toys. I get sucked in when there’s a bbq special on tv, most shows on Food Network, Bobby Flay has a special or someone starts talking about a smoker (which I plan to have shortly).

All of this came about a few months after I started using the grill and the Mrs. figured that the only way that I would start to eat healthier is if I helped make it myself. She comes from a long line of excellent cooks. Our cousin Nick is a great chef so he’s always good to get tips from (when he’s not raiding my fridge). After awhile veggies started appearing and before I knew it changing my eating habits and working out started to show. The weight that’s been the inside comment of many family jokes was going away. Now this isn’t a drastic change like the Atkins freaks or some Anna Nicole wonder drug but it’s working. I feel better. I look better and gosh darn it, someone likes me 🙂 Most of you know my taste in good microbrewed beer and anything touched by monks so you can imagine the parties that will be shaping up.

The point that I’m getting to… I’m not claiming to be a master of the flames (yet) nor would I mock anyone that does it for a living but I do enjoy working the grill very much. I’m always ready for suggestions. So, coming soon (yeah you’ve heard that before eh) I’m going to open a new grillin section on here basically as a reference for me to see what I’ve made and how it’s turned out. What works and what tastes like ass. Plus to share some of the highs and lows as I go through, pardon the pun, baptism by fire. It’s also for the other rookies out there who have never had any real cooking experience before and can manage not to screw up a grill.

And no Brad… we’re not doing rattlesnake.

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  1. Brad says:

    Tastes like chicken anyway! (seriously, it does). I love rattlesnakes, I catch them and let them go for god’s sake, you think I would barbecue one?! 🙂

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