EA Sports – NHL 06 – Buy it now!

Being described as the best hockey game ever, EA Sports moved up the shipping date of NHL06 to yesterday.

Now all i have heard is rumors and I’ve seen for myself the demos of this game. Unbelievable! The NHL is also using this game on their website as a demo to show you all of the new rules for the league which will also be showcased in this game. Also, the majority of the free agent signings should be on this copy. Want Sid Crosby? Well you may have to wait until after the first few games. But that’s the wonder that has become online play. You can download current rosters to stay up to date. I have seen a few demos for NHL 2K6 and they seem less than impressive. Though without the ESPN name could end up hurting them. Will i buy this today? Eh maybe. I remember the lines last time NHL was released. I may wait until Monday. Plus I can pick Stoosh’s brain about it since I know he’ll be playing it all weekend. I’m very serious about my game play and certain quirks i have for a video game. Thankfully Stoosh is as obsessed so he makes a good critic… unless he’s playing as the 94 Canucks.

I’ve contacted EB Games in both Cranberry TWP and Ross Park Mall. Both confirmed the game is on it’s way today. $29.99

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  1. Kenny says:

    GTA San Andreassss for PS2 all the way.

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