Don’t forget PA residents. Sunday Beer Sales start this weekend!

We’ll be ringing it in Sunday. Starting off with a Friday night bash at Chez Spoon. Plenty of festivities for children of all ages (that are 21 and older of course). Features include large quantities of beverages for mass consumption, grillin, pong, darts and whatever else we think of. Cheers, pack a helmet and some duct tape. Saturday brings in our new reality show “Hangin with lushie… and griff… and deb… and john… and erica… and pudge…”. Sunday will be filled with watching Pirates baseball from home and the ceremonial First Case on Sunday purchase. Cookout to follow. Monday is ummmm ummm well I’m sure we’ll have something.

Stay tuned to here or the moblog for details. May bring back the streaming webcam feed for this one. I know Silent One will be ready to watch. May need to make my weekly run to Le Gourmet Chef for supplies. Grove City Road Trip!

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