First off, Hurricane Katrina…

Is he moblogging the storm?

Bohica said it best this afternoon while we discussed the hurricane. “Just let Darwin work.” Any of you friggin morons pumped up with the testosterone to think you can beat a hurricane… well, good luck. I’m watching Fox News from my desk and I see all of these knucklehead reporters out in the middle of the storm TRYING to report while not being blown away. Favorite quote was “Well a piece of a roof just landed 3 ft. from me. Guess I should go.” just as the winds kick up and whisk him away. You know who would be on the job if a natural disaster of his intensity hit Pittsburgh. My MAN, Dee Thompson!

And now for the weekend recap… AGAIN from Erie, PA:
Friday: The drive to Erie has become WAY to quick for me. This was my 4th weekend in the last 5 weeks that I headed up I-79 for the lake. Got into town and grilled up some chicken, steak kabobs and zucchini for dad. Had an after dinner dessert run to Sara’s for a cone.

Saturday: I was outside with dad painting the windowsills and putting caulking up around the windows. Saw this huge storm coming in so I hauled ass to get it done just as the last few drops came down. Damn nice paint job I may say also 🙂

Watched tv for a bit and then went to Joe Root’s for dinner and to watch the Gannon/Mercyhurst football game. The storm got worse but at least we were inside. the food was good. I had the St. Louis ribs and I’m very picky about places that brag about their sauce. This one seemed out off of a Giant Eagle shelf but it was good meat. Dad ordered a chicken salad that I swear to God had at least 4 chicken tenders on top. He almost needed 2 containers to take it all home when we left. Mrs. Spoon had some fish. Place was nice though. Beer selection was alright considering that Erie restaurants don’t usually carry more than your staple beers (besides Fox & the Hound) and the staff seemed friendly. Not sure how that place makes much money though during the winter being next to Presque Isle. Finished up with dessert over at Sally’s… err whatever the new diner is that’s next to and owned by Sara’s.

One thing about Erie News stations that I have to give them credit for is the high quality of eyecandy. After this weekend at home I present the hottest Erie news has to offer since Angie Dickson.

Raychel Vendetti
Raychel Vendetti | WSEE profile| my attempt at a cam phone pic

Rachel Frank | WICU Profile | my attempt at a cam phone pic

Sunday: Hot as heck. Went to Holy Trinity for the Polka Mass and Zabawa (polish fest). Food was excellent but seemed very high priced. I was going to buy a shirt but figured, when the hell would I REALLY wear it. The mass was very unique with the accordion player and polish singing. The food afterwards was incredible. Hearty portions of Pigs in the Blanket and Pierogies that you can’t find at a store. Nothing beats homemade Polish food. There were also some auctions, souvenirs stands and kids doing polka dances around. We enjoyed ourselves before jumping back in the car and heading home. Griff called when we hit Edinboro to see if I wanted to go roll a few so after dropping off the luggage I headed out again. LONG weekend which is making me look forward to the upcoming holiday. Friday starts the bash and won’t be over until… well sometime late Monday. Cheers, hope you’re bringing your “A” game. We have a title to defend!

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