Quick Weekend in Erie recap

There’s a ton I could write but honestly, you don’t need the details from this one. Let’s just say it’s good that someone in this family is trained to know what to do in an emergency.

1) Bridal shower #2 was a good time. This one was at the Erie Yacht Club. Those of you who know us are probably laughing at the thought of us being formal. Eh, we have our moments when we need to. Just wait till the rehersal dinner. *muuwhahaha*
2) Dad is doing fine after having an angina attack Saturday night. I think everyone in Erie knew about this one. The EMT’s from Wesleyville did an outstanding job. I was very impressed.
3) It’s either Erie drivers or the countless tourists that don’t know how to drive. Any way i managed to avoid wrecks.
4) dual basket deep fryer… mmm deep
5) Household sales – if you’re going to organize one make sure that you tell people that it’s one number per person, not per couple. Otherwise you deserve the fat lip you get when trying to act all badass enforcing it on the fly.
6) Country Fair – oh how i do love your subs so.

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