Last night was evil

Our cousin Nick stops over and says “beer, darts my place…” Since he lives next door it wasnt that far of a walk 🙂 Of course though, we need beer. Head to Save on Beer and pick up a 28 pack of Molson. I should have known we were in trouble. The case was gone by the end of the night. We played darts in his garage from 8pm till 1am. Now for those of you unfamiliar with Molson they have Twin Label Technology so the genius in us decided “Hey, lets start collecting labels and stick them to your door.” So we did, and here’s the pic. It was a fun night of BS and hangin out. And for the record yes I was up and showering for work at 8am. Ok, maybe with a little help waking up. Now i know why I usually save this shit for weekends. Speaking of, wait till monday. I’ll have one hella story by then to tell.

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