Enough with the gas price coverage already

Like most other people that have to pay for their own gas, I’m pretty much jacked about blowing $20 to fill up my car just over 1/2 way (14 gal tank). So how much news coverage do we need? Well there shouldn’t be any. Or at least save your load for a weekly blow. Thursday should be made the only time for Gas Price Watch can air on a station. But as usual, WPXI blows everything into a major catastrophe and needs to have this as their top story on all broadcasts while sending LIVE reports from various locations over the city. It’s reaching the annoyance level of Steeler pre-season coverage. Gas goes up $.02 and it’s BREAKING NEWS. So what. Who cares? Everyone knows what is going on so why lead every broadcast with it. It doesn’t take a brain (well unless you’re from Yinzer Nation) to figure out for yourself where the best gas is to get for your buck while driving to work.

I’m about to bust this mystery WIDE open so hold on… Giant Eagle’s GET GO or Sheetz. Amazing huh. Both are usually very close in price plus if you shop at Giant Eagle (and have an Advantage Card) you can save $.10 for every $50 you spend. This is why when you drive by Giant Eagle on Camp Horne Road there is usually 20-30 cars lined up. but you wont see that news… naw. You’ll see Buddy from Buddy’s Boulevard Garage with $2.75 and up. THAT’S news. Focus on the bad, ignore the good.

So to hopefully quite some people from this new obsession which reminds me of us weather freaks (because you can NEVER get enough weather news) I give you 4 options:
1) Konfabulator – download(free) this desktop tool and install the Gas Watch widget.
2) AAA Fuel Cost Calculator
3) Pittsburgh Gas Prices.com | Gas Buddy.com (for outside of Pittsburgh)
4) Fuel Guage Report

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4 Responses to Enough with the gas price coverage already

  1. Do not understand how to submit name for free gas give away at the Giant Eagle’s Get-Go gas stations. The info given on WXPI ch 11 doesn’t work!

  2. Father Spoon says:

    You’d have to ask WPXI. The website is up for 2 hours (between 5-7pm) and changes every day. You get the new web address byt watching the news broadcast.

  3. Carmenlita Ridout says:

    Will you please tell me how to enter the contest for the gas card give away. the news said to log onto wpxi.com and i did that then i log onto get go gas give away, and all it had was about the price of gas.Will you p[lease email me backand tell me what i need to do to enter the contest. thank you

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