30th birthdays, cattle and showers

Friday: Drove to Erie for Scott’s 30th bday. Calamari’s was actually fun but that’s because we had a private room and I got to hang out with Mario and Jen while Scott socialized. When I lived in Erie this bar was where you would find most Prep and McDowell alumni. Not just because they’re the most popular schools but because the same people are still hanging out together talking about the same stories. Basically it’s a high school reunion that never ends. Best line of the night though came from this very attractive bartender. I was asking her about that Railbender bottle she had and if there was anyone that serves beer from other microbreweries around the country. Basically i was craving a Stone IPA. She said “You’re not from around here huh. This is Erie, you’re only going to find Bud and Miller fans around here.” I laughed and said I was in from Pittsburgh. It was great to see Scott and everyone again. Perfect atmosphere. His mom did a great job organizing this surprise party.

Saturday: Drive to central PA SUCKED. Took rt8 thru Titusville to 80 in Brookville and headed east. T-ville was having their Oil Festival so traffic sucked. Tionesta was having Indian Fest so that sucked. We pull into town for the reunion. My dumbass is wearing a black Crosby shirt. I sweat my ass off in 95F heat. Huge storm came rolling in so we went to my finace’s grandparents house and it just so happened to be the local fair time (which is located just up the hill on their road). Since it was raining the fair was sending down the cattle. The smell wasn’t too bad but it was funny to watch semi trucks trying to make it down the hill w/o sliding. What sucked, this went on till 3am. I also got roped into making this HUGE balloon heart for the first of 2 bridal showers we’re having. 180 balloons to blow up and wrap around a heart shaped wire. Not fun.

Sunday: 95F and humid AGAIN. Met up with my parents and aunts/uncle at the church hall. Guys ate and took a tour of the mountains hosted by my fiance’s grandfather while the ladies did their thing. Image trying to drive dirt mountain roads in anything but a truck/jeep. Not easy and also not nice on the underside of my baby. 2 hours later we return while the party winds down. As we start loading the car with presents it pours rain. We wait and then the humidity kicked in. Took everything back to her grams and packed up the car. We finally left around 6:30 and had 2 cars full of stuff. Thank god her cousin was there who also lives in Pittsburgh so he helped us. It was a great party thrown by her family and I can’t wait to see what mine has planned.

I do have pics from the weekend but you can see how dang hot it was by the sweat on our faces so i may hold off for fear of the mrs. whapping me.

For all of the guys out there that are engaged and havent had the shower yet just wait. I’m still amazed at all of the things we got. Just make sure you put something you want on that registry. I have 4 24oz Pilsner glasses to show for it and one hell of a coffee maker.

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