Yinzer Nation Starts a Petition to Pay Hines Ward

I thought this was a joke when I read an email from my buddy Bob out in Baltimore but it really is true. Someone actually took the time to create an online petition to get the Steelers to pay Hines Ward what he wants.

Personally my head hurts thinking about this. Why? Well if you live in Pittsburgh or have access to any of the local news broadcasts, you would know that this town can not function without 24/7 coverage of Steelers training camp, knowing what the Bus’ play list is on his mp3 player, who has a hangnail, how the height of the grass may make someone .00000000000000000000001 slower and demand that it gets cut. They’re all insane and now after a jolt of caffeine I can sit back and laugh at this latest attempt.

Here’s the cliff note version breakdown. Hines wants a new contract with more money and currently has 1 year left. Hines won’t report to camp until the Steelers negotiate.
Steelers policy, and God bless them for sticking to it, is that they won’t negotiate with anyone who doesn’t report. I’m honestly shocked that there is a strong fan base taking a player’s side on this. Yinzer Nation is dedicated to the Rooney’s and some would even die for them (you knuckleheads). Hines, you’re good but you also have had some exceptional QB’s throwing to you.

Hey, more power to ya for doing it and I’ll be watching at home cheering on the Black and Gold but enough is enough already.

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  1. Stoosh says:

    Not picking sides here either way, but this makes for an interesting footnote. This was courtesy of USAtoday.com:

    But Ward later turned down an offer including nearly $9 million guaranteed, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Ward is seeking guaranteed money similar to the $17 million guaranteed Marvin Harrison on last year’s seven-year, $66 million extension.

    “I want $16-$18 million guaranteed over the next three years,” says Ward. “I was told in a meeting at the end of the year by (coach) Bill Cowher and (director of football operations) Kevin Colbert that I would receive the highest signing bonus ever (by a receiver).”

    “I love football and I don’t want to miss practices with my teammates. But the Steelers don’t value receivers. And I’m (ticked) off.”


    $16-18 million guaranteed over the next three years? Well, the way NFL contracts work, the only money that is GUARANTEED is the money being paid out in the signing bonus and the first year salary. What’s that mean? Well, if “da Stillers” give Hines Ward what he wants, it’s probably going to mean that they’ll be unable to sign a couple of impact players who are scheduled to become free agents over the next couple of seasons.

    And no, I don’t expect yinzers to comprehend this. With a cap. though, you can’t just pay everyone what they want.

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