Skyblast at PNC Park

SkyBlast pictures from the cameraphone start here

Last night a group of us decided to take in pretty much the only attraction that can sell out PNC Park besides a bobblehead or figurine giveaway… Skyblast. Every year the Pirates put on this incredible showcase of fireworks shot from the river behind PNC Park and off a few buildings downtown. Each time there is a theme to the show. Best ever was when they had Amber from Survivor on (*mmmmm Amber*). Last night we were treated to some little kids running around looking for the Parrot and some treasure. *yawn* It was great if you have kids but for the rest of us we just wanted to see some BOOM. Overall it was done very well. Oh yeah and there was a ballgame too I guess. Pirates lost 12-6. Plus side to it though. We sat 10 rows back from home plate and a couple seats down from us was Tommy Lasorda.

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