Hey spoon, YOU SUCK!

I know I know. Not even a week and yer all tired of me and hockey. I’m still glowing but I will contain my excitement as much as possible.

So what do you wanna talk about besides hockey… hmm?

< < crickets >>

Don’t suck so much now do i? Well honestly I’ve been spending alot of my free time that isn’t dedicated to the wedding and household chores to working on a project for my parents 50th anniv. party and yes FINALLY finishing up the new SpazBOY. He’s been a real bitch to deal with lately. My ass is draggin at nights now and I must say that going to the track every night is a good way to clear yer cranium. Right now I have the Phantom of the Opera CD in. I dig it. Helps to chill me out and give me non-acid induced flashbacks to the simpler time back in high school. Added to that I received an email from an old classmate whom i haven’t seen in 10+ years.
Part of me regrets not keeping in touch with some of my friends back then (Especially Stac!) but time moves on and maybe someday we can all sit down again… but not for at that Perkins coffee repugnant shit.


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4 Responses to Hey spoon, YOU SUCK!

  1. buyusmark says:

    Thanks for the mention..I just found it. We are trying to get everyone who purchased a t-shirt to wear it to the game on August 26th. Can you help us?



  2. spoon says:

    Will everyone have the red hats with a white C that were given away a few weeks ago also?

  3. The Stoosh says:

    How dare you talk hockey when Stiller camp is only a few days away?

    How dare you discuss hockey when every news station in the Greater Pittsburgh area will be leading their Sunday evening and night newscasts with footage of Jerome Bettis carrying his TV and PS2 up to his St. Vincent’s College dorm room?

    Who cares about the best hockey player of the next generation coming to Pittsburgh when ‘da Stillers have to figure out who the third-string QB is going to be?

    Where are your priorities, boy?

    What kind ‘o yinzer are you???

    Where are your priorities, boy?

  4. spoon says:

    Steeler coverage can suck my ass. I swear to go that every knucklehead joe yinzer is just freaking out that teh Pens are gettign coverage over *gasp* steelers TRAINING CAMP. Come on people. Quit being pathetic and quit living in 1979.

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