Where’s Cuban?

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So while our fearless Buccos where in the process of having their butts handed to them 11-1 last night, Mark Cuban was kickin back with a few dog and brews… wearing a “Property of the Pittsburgh Pirates” tshirt just 5 rows back from current pirates owner Kevin McClatchy.

The past few days have been a buzz with rumors that Cuban, a Pittsburgh native and billionaire, has expressed interest in buying the Pirates but only if they were for sale. McClatchy said ther’re not but ask most fans at last night’s game, like the guy with the rubber Baseball Head mask and the “Vote 4 Cuban” banner on the left-field rotunda, and I think you’d hear a favorable “For the love of god sell us NOW!”. On the verge of a 13th straight losing season can do that to a fan but hey, we have an All Star game or something like that coming right? Right?

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