Tigers and Royals celebrate the return hockey with a brawl

Click here and go to the “Guillen’s HBP starts scrum” link on the right.

Three players had already been hit by pitches, two of them by Hernandez, when a 1-0 pitch from the Kansas City right-hander hit Guillen in the head leading off the bottom of the sixth inning. Guillen thought he had been hit by the previous pitch in the foot, prompting him to toss his bat and stroll towards first before home plate umpire Marty Foster called him back. Hernandez’s ensuing fastball struck Guillen in the side of the helmet near his temple.

Hernandez also hit two of the first three batters he faced in the first inning, Brandon Inge and Chris Shelton, but neither player thought they were hit intentionally. Foster issued a warning after Mike Maroth hit David DeJesus near his right knee on a 2-2 pitch with two outs in the second inning.

7 players were ejected. Wait till 2:55 into the video clip and watch Kyle Farnsworth snap.

I love this game!

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  1. Dawn says:

    I’m starting to wonder why I never decided to choose a career in baseball, ya gotta love a good brawl every now and again.

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