GAME ON! NHL owners and players agree to end 301 day lockout

THANK THE FRIGGIN LORD! 301 days of waiting and you have no idea how much it killed me to go all winter with only hearing about the damn Steelers. For living in a town where Jerome Bettis getting a hangnail will get make headline news, I can’t wait to finally have an outlet from Joe Yinzer living in the 70’s. Granted I love the Steelers but one thing I’ve noticed since moving here is that the natives will not let go of the past. Not always a bad thing but we’re talkin 26 years now.

What i’ve been hearing so far on (Toronto Sports Talk Radio) is that the draft order selection will be July 21 with the draft falling on July 30th. I’ll be partying it up that night so I expect to have plenty of you texting me if I cant steal a tv.

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