Spoon’s first impression on the Big Brother 6 Houseguests

First off I want to say that April has been replaced. While smokin in her promo shot I have to say that she bugs me on the show enough to have her bumped from the #1 slot of my list.

Welcome Sarah. Not only is she hot and seems pretty decent, she’s a Pearl Jam fan. Do you really need more of a reason?

OFFICIAL Big Brother 6 Website (CBS)

April – Seems like she would be the key follower. Once she gets a bug of something in her ass she runs with it.
Ashlea – Has whiney “why’s everyone pickin on me” bitchy qualities. Won’t last long. Could be out 1st round.
Ivette – Very loud and outgoing. She’s going to make the fact that she digs chicks an issue for when people turn on her. Seems flakey.
Janelle – The potential house tramp. Oh she irks the shit out of me. Has Holly(from last season) written all over her minus the squeaky voice. She needs beat early. Wouldnt shock me to find her in some wierd porn on the net.
Jennifer – She’s hot and she knows it. She’s going to use that to her advantage to break up any guy alliance that there is… and the guys already know it. Though she has a thing fore Sweedish Fish which is a plus for me 🙂
Maggie – The ER nurse. Anyone that has been to one knows you dont mess with those ladies. they will fuck you up. Nuff said.
Rachel – Queen bitch. evil evil evil. But hey, it’s only been 1 episode.
Sarah – LOVE this girl. We must leave now and make lots and lots of mini-spoons. You’ll dig it.

Beau – He’s a personal shopper. Nuff said. Get me a gun… and some sassy fixins for my man room.
Eric – Firefighter and one hell of an American. I would NOT mess with him. Well unless i got the first punch and a 5 minute head start running away.
Howie – Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hate you. ba pa da da da da da. Someone for the love of GOD punch this prick in the throat, kick him in the nuts and then throw his ass in the pool… with sharks… that have lasers on their head.
James – This is one sly guy but he has annoying potential. Already started off by saying he’s a school teacher which isn’t true. Something about him though. He knows how to play these folk.
Kaysar – My only beef with this guy is that right off the bat he’s already playing the “if i’m voted out it’s because i’m Muslim.” Seriously dude, no one really cares but nice cop out.
Michael – This guy is meat. He’s eye candy for the chicks and probably one of the weakest links in the guys, well next to Beau of course. Jennifer is going to play this guy like a toy. Hope you at least get some luvin from this dude.

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