Big Brother 6 starts tonight!

I’ll be the first to admit that the whole Reality TV craze needs to end. With the exception of Amazing Race and Big Brother, every other show needs nuked. You can only have so many bastardized versions of the same general idea. I caught a glimpse of the trainwreck that is Brit and K-fed. I felt that after 2 minutes I should be compensated by Brit for those minutes of my life. Since she’s developed into quite the white trash a booty call is out of the question. Another problem i have with shows is how friggin serious the “judges” in some of these shows get so serious. One guy on this male stripper former child star with a botox addiction and married to his sister contest thing said “You’ll never make it in the business with your flaws.” Hey buddy. It’s a TV show. If they had skills to start with do you think they’d be on your show? I’m failing to see any entertainment value of these latest ones. I wanna be a Hilton? Hell’s Kitchen?

Anyways, watch BB6 tonight and let me know what you think. Based on profile pics i’m diggin April.

Here’s some Big Brother site for you to check out:
Reality TV Net | Big Brother World | We Love Big Brother

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