PA may finally get beer on Sundays

PA House set to vote on Sunday beer sales bill
HARRISBURG — The state House is expected to vote today on a bill that would let Pennsylvania beer distributors stay open on Sundays.

Will someone PLEASE for the life of me explain why this has always been an issue? It was only until a few years ago that the state decided a few of the Wine & Spirits stores could be open on Sundays. I’ve lived in PA all my life and have never been able to understand why it has so many assbackwards restrictions of what you can/can’t buy and when you can/can’t buy it. Unfortunately for the folk in the middle of the state they can’t run to WV, OH or NY like we can if we’re feeling adventurous.

Now I already know what to expect. The prudes in the state and the Jesus freaks are going to protest that this will lead to the corruption of minors and moral values just like they did when the State Stores opened. It’s every residence right to get shitfaced any day of the week if they like and preaching that “God said Sunday is…” is a crock cuz not everyone follows your religion. I’m Roman Catholic and frankly see no problem with it. Tie one on, so what… if you’re determined you now have 2 options, drink from home or go to a bar. I’d rather someone picks up that case and stays home instead of driving home from the bar after the game. Not saying that the dumbass wont go driving after he leaves home.

Plus this really helps if someday I open that beer distributor 🙂 You know that I’d totally have it tricked out and geekified too.

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