Once again proving, people are friggin morons.


Yesterday PNC Park played host to Jimmy Buffett and his band of drunken assclown followers known as Parrotheads (Similar to Deadheads but I think these people shower). Temperatures were in the 90’s and the show didn’t start till 6:30. This left a full day for these intellectuals to get all shitfaced in the sun before making their way in. 42,000 apparently had no problem getting into the stadium but at 6pm a rush of folk all tried to cram into one gate… while every other gate in the stadium was open. Security and Pirate officials told these knuckleheads about the gates but “i aint movin man, i’m in THIS line.” Aight whatever choad.

Tempers start boiling and people started calling the Post Gazette to bitch. Why? because they’re fucking morons.
Cheryl McFarland, of Bellevue- “I’d like to know, did they not know how many tickets they sold to this concert? The concert has started, we paid $100 for tickets, and we’re still standing outside.”
You’re standing outside because you suck and logic is obviously out of the question for you. I bet you try to blow dry your hair while standing in the tub too.

Bill Folman, of Waynesburg, Greene County – This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life. This was an outrageous amount of poor planning — just absurd and you can quote me.
Sure thing skippy, no problem quoting someone rationalizing with their head up their ass. While yer at it why dont you go put a pipe in the street and see what kinda noise it makes when a car runs over it.

Some paid $100 for parking and $100 for tickets for what… to get shitfaced in a parkinglot while kicking water in a blowup pool as you slowly slip into drunken bliss. Tell ya what, stop over to my place and pay me the $200. i’ll even give you lotion. Just please, leave your shirt on.

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  1. Brad says:

    Great RANT! I couln’t agree more!

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