Upcoming Clarks promotions for new cd “Between Now & Then” and June 24/25 shows at C.A.S.S.

Sunday, June 19th
‘The Clarks Take Over DVE” from 8-10pm.
Rob & Greg will be co-hosting the show and will talk about the songs inspirations and personal favorites.

Tuesday, June 21st
KDKA Today on CBS from 9am to 10am
WYEP for an on-air performance and interview at 12pm
WDVE live performance at 2pm
WXDX live performance at 3pm
In-store performance and signing event at FYE at The Mall at Robinson
(100 Robinson Center Dr., Pittsburgh, PA) starting at 7pm.

Wednesday, June 22nd with the
WEGW – Wheeling, WV – 4 PM – phone interview
WNCD – Youngstown, OH – For your drive home – phone interview

Thursday, June 23rd
5pm they’ll visit WCLG for an on-air interview and performance prior to their show at 123 Pleasant Street.

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