Kids, don’t try this at home…

You’ve heard the rumors and even saw some of the pics. Well here comes the E! True Hollywood story on how spoon busted his finger.

This past Sunday I had a baseball game at 9am. I arrive at the field and as the game is about to start we realize we are just short on a full roster. No biggie, we take an automatic out at the bottom of our roster. Stoosh penciled me in at my usual position of 3B. 3rd inning and we’re holding a 5-2 lead when IT happens. 2 outs, runners on 1st and 2nd, we’re in the field. Screaming line drive to my left. I position myself for it and *BAM*! The ball hits a divot or a rock and shoots to my right. I barehanded it, feel a sharp sting and get the guy out. I look down and my hand is all bloody but I don’t know why. then pain settles in. When the ball hit my hand the strings got under my ring finger nail, ripped it almost off and shatters the top joint of my finger. I get back to the dugout and there is blood all over. Pour water over it and tape it up. this isn’t stopping me!

An inning later after my at bat I’m getting ready to go out onto the field and it kicks in. I’m about to pass out. We get someone from the other team to field for me and take another out for my spot. Lushie gets back from her trip to the BP for coffee to see my hand in the red stuff. She calls me a dumbass, rips off the clean part of her sock and fixes me up. Off to the BP again for her for fresh water and bandages. Gets back and we discard the, now red, sock and I chill on the bench. hey someone had to keep the book. Stayed till the end and we won 9-8 (later found out that by some bullshit rule it is a forfeit loss to us but no one bothered to tell us while playing.)

It was pretty swollen most of the day so I just kept it wrapped but didn’t think it needed the ER (hockey player in me comin out. just foil it coach!). So yesterday I go to the doc’s and he gives me meds to help the swelling and stop infection. Today I’m able to type but only because my ring finger and pinky are buddy taped. Odds have it that I wont be playing ball again anytime soon. What sucks more… no nail for the wedding. Someone get me a Lee’s Press On Nail!

So to see the pics check these out (nothing really graphic)
The swelling starts
Nail back in place
Getting fixed up at home
I think it’s making me crazy
Wrap it up… I’ll take it

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  1. Dawn says:

    Ugh! That is nasty! The pic of it starting to swell really looked like a pic of your thumb! Well, I hope it feels better soon, but don’t become too fond of the pain meds, that’s how Rush got hooked. : )

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