Happy 8th Birthday superunknown.com

Yes that’s right. 8 years ago today I registered this domain. I know it’s hard for some people to think of a time when there was no internet but trust me, there was. I’d expect my one niece Lindsay to say here “Uncle spoon, yer OLD!” Even better was my family saying that I was wasting my time with this “web thing” and that it was “just a fad” in which i would never make any money. Guess I could have pleased them all with working in a factory *hahahaha*

Man how times have changed since then. I was 21, workin for $6/hr at Staples, hangin at the Shaggy Dog and livin in Erie. Now i’m engaged, living in Pittsburgh with my own house, have a car made in this decade and working as a web developer for the same company for the last 6+ years. I remember making the call to then host velocity.net and buying my first internet real estate. Never in my wildest dreams did i think it would take off like it did. Coding away on my 486SX33 in vi and emacs. ah life was grand.

So as a treat I give you this link. The earlier recording of Superunknown on the Way Back Machine. I’m sure Griff will see this and think “wtf were on on man!”

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  1. Kenny Snipes says:

    Happy Birfday SuperUNKNOWN!! 8 years thats along time ago!

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