This just chaps my ass.

I’m in a summer 18+ baseball league. Skill level would be just under the Frontier League. Most pitchers throw 75-85. Some have great breaking balls while others you can send into the Allegheny river. Fields are like playing in the minors but at least they have grass and backstops.

Well last summer my buddy Stoosh asked me to join with him and his friends that formed a team. The league was going into it’s second year and looking for new players. Entry fee was $130 +$30 for uniform which I was cool with. Well as the season went on I noticed that we were one of the only teams that actually fielded an original roster and not some throw together of others. Still no biggie. But then we’d show up and teams from other leagues would say they had the field reserved. Half the time we tried contacting the guy that ran the league he never got back to us. There was only 1 umpire and it was just flat out unorganized. But yet, I still had fun. I got to play ball

In the off season Stoosh and I talked about playing again this year. We both agreed that the only way we would is if it was organized. We heard from our Capt.. that a group of guys will be helping out run the league so it’s not a clusterfuck like last year. We were pumped! We found out about some new guys that wanted to play who’s resumes were very impressive. We had our schedule and besides a few afternoon weekday games everything seemed on pace for a good time. Payment was due like last year, whenever you could get it together.

And then it happens… few days before the 1st game and we still don’t know where any of the fields are except in the North Hills. The website is still outdated with last year’s information and no maps. It wasn’t very current last season so this didn’t shock me. Game day arrives and my team is standing around at 8am waiting… apparently the game was called the night before at 2:30am. Nice eh. Our Capt. being in the tough spot had to break the news to us. Then it started raining but we stayed and in the downpour had practice.

Today I get an email saying that our Capt. has decided to move on and put Stoosh in charge of the team. We also find out that there is a new “no pay-no play” policy that is suddenly being enforced and that if any of us want to continue we need to have it by our game this Friday. The kicker, Friday is a makeup game at 1pm (yes, 1pm on a Friday afternoon) that apparently no one knew about. Seriously, who the hell schedules a game at 1pm on a Friday?

So here I am, pondering wtf I should do. I can have the cash by Monday so that’s not a biggie. Either way I told Stoosh I’d help him out. I want to play this summer but is it worth $130 if it’s going to be like last year especially with the signs already there?

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