Memorial Day Weekend recap

I know some of you have been wondering “wtf, no updates? my life feels vacant.” Well fear not as here comes the Memorial day update.

Saturday – First thing, I was up at 5:30am. The start of my summer baseball season was upon me and I wanted to make sure I was ready for the 8am game. Got to the field around 7am and… it started raining while the temperature remained around 50. We practiced a bit and finally quit after the batting cage net was waterlogged. So to start the holiday off right afterwards I made a stop to Save on Beer. Was amazed to find out that Church Brew Works now distribute their microbrews. I picked up a case of Pious Monk Dunkel. PMDunkel kinda reminds me of Augustiner. At 3.3% it lacks the kick that most dark lagers have. Still tasty. I would have this with a german meat n taters dish. Their website says “Our Pious Monk Dunkel finishes crisp and clean as a lager should.” It’s crisp but I’m not tasting the clean.

That evening the mrs. and I went to the wedding of my friend, and fellow Pens fanatic, Kim . Very elegant evening. Kim looked stunning and her husband Bill is quite the man. It was great to finally meet my email buddy of 2 years, Jodi. It was a fun time and I wish the new couple all the luck in the future. Cheers! After we came home, Lushie went to bed while I stayed up with my Dunkel and watch The Big Lebowski.

Sunday – The future mother in law came over around 8am to drop off some cookies and make sure my butt was out of bed for no reason at all but because she likes waking me up. vegged on the couch after that while it rained off and on. We had picked up some great looking chicken from the market last week so I put it in some BBQ sauce for about 7 hours. Cooked it for a good 45-50 minutes and it came out perfect. Not dry at all. that evening we watched some TV and had a few beverages. Around midnight though, Lushie decided that she wanted to redecorate our livingroom… yes MIDNIGHT. Buzz was about to be killed. It reminded me of night when her old roomie Karen would do the same thing at 3am. After Luishie was done the place looked great I must say.

Monday – We chilled on the couch while reading the paper and flipping between the Bobby Flay and Law n Order marathons. Went to the store for some sweet sausage kabobs, ground turkey and homemade kielbasa for the grill. Food was good but I don’t think I’d buy that Kielbasa again. Stick with the Hillshire Farms. Finished off the beer except for 1 which I promised to Brad. I can’t believe it but 1 case of beer lasted this long. Must be some new record for me 😛

That about sums it up. I’ve been busy packing up my office at work for our move so I haven’t had much time to spend on here. I do have a Star Wars 3 review coming up here soon.

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