Bucs blow lead again but this time I WAS THERE!

This is a view from my seat. You knew I couldn’t go without my digital camera 🙂

Joe table came in the 9th and for the 2nd time in 24 hours, blew another save. gave up 3 runs in the 8th and 9th to lose 3-2.

Ok enough about that. I went with my parents and my brother’s father in law. Tickets were from my bro for my dad’s bday present. Started with lunch at the Home Plate Club. Food was excellent. Buffet style gourmet food. Filled up on that and went to our seats… 5 rows back from home plate! Nice cushioned seats, tons of eye candy around and our own server to bring food and drinks. At $160 a ticket they treat you well. the downfall… that f*cking netting. I know it’s for safety reasons but ever since the igloo installed those bastardized nets on the North and South ends I’ve had a personal distaste for them anywhere. Weather was clear and sunny so I finally got color to my skin.

I was also introduced to a new game. The guys behind me were playing Mound Ball. Everyone pitches in a few bucks and at the end of each 1/2 inning when the ump or player tosses the ball back on the mound the ball has to stay on the dirt. if it does
the person who’s inning it is wins. If it goes on the grass you pass the
money to the next person. I’d say about $100 was passed around total

Overall it was a good day considering I had an All Hands Meeting at work that I was at earlier.

Oh, btw… I’ll say it again… RESTOVICH IS A MACHINE! I can see why every scout says he has potential.

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