Internet Flasher shows world his “Erie”

Before we start I must say that whenever I mention something about the happenings in Erie to my buddy Mike, he swears it’s a real life version of . I can see why.

I’m still trying to figure out what amazes me more… the fact that someone’s Blog (weblog) that started as early as May 1st has already gotten the attention of the local FBI, statewide news outlets and has the gutchies of Erie politics wrapped in a wad; or the fact that someone in Erie actually grasped the concept of how to use a blog. It’s a BLOG people. You sound like the stooges that use Eklund as a credible news source. It’s 1/2 assed but it’s still there. To my amazement there are quite a few blogs in Erie after a bit of searching… and this puts a smile on my face.

I first heard of this site through the Erie Times website last week. I checked it out at first and got quite a laugh out of the content. I couldn’t resist reading the comments that visitors were leaving. There is a beast of built up rage in more citizens than I expected. Having originated from there, I went through my own issues with how the city was ran by the old badgers and the same clan of misfits refusing progress. I did the next best thing, I moved to Pittsburgh. Though if you’ve paid attention to the downward spiral the city has fallen into since I moved here you’d be scratching your head. I still love it here. Well now with this idiot proof publishing technology at everyone’s hands and for FREE (we use Word Press here on the s.u.), the media and local politicians are freaking out more than Pirate fans after Sid slid in the 91 NLCS. ANYBODY can say whatever it is they want and there’s really nothing that can be done to regulate it.

Keep in mind though that, like anything else you read, there are 2 sides to every story. With blogs you are only getting the thoughts of one person. Make your own judgment before starting your own crusade.

Oh I forgot to mention, the Expose Erie Politicians website goes after just about everyone opposed to the current mayor and his supporters who just so happen to be seeking re-elections this year. Mayor Rick is denying any involvement.

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