What Were We Thinking? A Weekend Recap.

More on this image in a few.

Yesterday afternoon we went to pick out things to add to our registry and also took the engagement ring in for it’s bi-monthly check. Found out the main stone was slightly loose. Probably due to a prong getting caught in something. Sent it off for repairs and should have it back in a week. Griff said this means I have a week reprieve. Awww yeah. Stopped by EB and picked up Star Wars 3 for PS2. HELLA sweet game! Takin a bit to remember all of the controls but the action is decent and the lightsaber moves are tight. After you complete each level you’re treated from scenes from the upcoming movie. The game is in synch with the movie so if you don’t want a spoiler wait on the game.

Last night was the championship finals for our bowling league. It was only fitting that it was my future wife’s team against Griff and John’s wives team. Mrs. Spoon’s team lost by 7 pins. The rest of us just messed around bowling and had free drinks courtesy of the league. Afterwards all of us go back to the bar in the alley and that’s where trouble started. The ladies had been drinkin to celebrate, we were drinkin some Yuiengling just cuz… well we were celebrating the girls seasons (yeah that’s it). Well the night dragged on and we started to get the munchies. We head on down the road to Parkway Tavern.

Now having never been there before we really didn’t know what to expect. We each get an order of wings, griff gets some cheese cube dipping tray thing, Lushie gets poppers and I ordered some shrooms. The server thought we were nuts and I had no idea why… then we got the food. I almost spit out my coke. The wings weren’t your typical bar wings. It was 1/2 a chicken per piece and we had about 20 wings per order. Deb ordered mild and they came out orange. “Mild wings are NOT orange!” as Deb said. The shrooms were more than enough for a full meal.

That picture above is of our leftovers. 11 buttler garlic wings, 9 bbq wings and 28 shrooms. I’d say it’s easy a few POUNDS of food. I know what I’m having during the game today. Griff, seriously, wtf were we thinking?

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2 Responses to What Were We Thinking? A Weekend Recap.

  1. GRIFF says:

    What’s wrong with us?

  2. John says:

    My stomach thanked me for missing this!! That food looks GREAT!!!

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