Spoon’s “33” Bucco report.

We’re 33 games into the season, making it time to reflect on the Pirates thus far. Why 33 games? It’s Pittsburgh. 33 is as holy as 8, 13, 21 and 66. It’s the official number of Rolling Rock. It’s my baseball jersey number for the Maulers. It’s my bud Scott’s favorite Pen, Dan LaCouture *haha* and also it was Meril’s number for the Steelers. Plus it’s half of Lemieux. After the first 33 games of the 2005 season would you have expected:

  • Jack Wilson, who batted .308 last season, is only hitting .174 and ISN’T injured.
  • With a min. of 10 games played there are 3 players under the Mendoza line of .200. They are Humberto Cota (.190), Jack Wilson (.174) and Tike Redman (.129).
  • Given the previous stat, it’s amazing the Pirates are 15-18. 3 games under .500 and tied for 3rd but only 2 games out of 2nd and 6.5 out of first. Gotta love the NL Central.
  • Jason Bay doesn’t lead the team in HR’s. that belongs to Daryl Ward who has 7. JB has 6.
  • Pirates lead the majors in HR’s for the month of May
  • What does $75,000 buy you these days? How about scrub catcher David Ross from the Dodgers who has turned his career around and given faith to the Pirate Nation after Benito Santiago was done after the first week. David’s stats – .241 average | 3HR | 5 2B | 13Hits | 11 RBI’s. Oh have I mentioned he can get the ball from his mitt to 2b in under 1.90 seconds. That’s insane.
  • I’ve only made it to 1 game so far this season. That’s 1 more than Pens games I went to this seas… oh wait nevermind.
  • Pirates have already scored 7+ runs in 4 games.
  • In the month of May the Pirates have outscored opponents 62-47
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