Indecision clouds my vision

If you’re a regular reader of this site you’d have noticed some changes around here. A few emails from fans saying “Dude that’s great but wtf?”. WTF indeed. Spring is here and the creative juices are flowing after a nice winter off. (*Bah who am I kidding. There was no hockey this winter so I was bored outa my skull. I watched curling for christ sake. CURLING!*).

So you’ve noticed the style is different but there are still a few more treats ahead. There will be more SpazBOY as he comes back from his stay in Western Psych. Lushie’s Rant is a new feature a few of us have been working on. Anyone that knows her will agree that each day is a new adventure when she calls about the daily mindlessness of the public that she encounters. Also on the horizon is a Spoon Rating system. One thing that bugs me about Pittsburgh is that it’s difficult to find a review of restaurants/theaters/shows/concert venues/bands around town that don’t seem so commercialized. Since I, and my associates, do go out frequently around town I deem myself worth of how much suckage a place holds or lacks.

And yes, back by popular demand… more home videos. I never thought the Fly video would be such a hit for a short 11 sec clip but it averages a few hundred hits a month. SpoonTV is just about dead though. I’m never in front of a PC with a camera long enough to keep it active. It’s all about the moblog now baby!

That’s all for now.
Peace – Love – Clarks

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