FLASHBACK: Summer of 1995 and 1996

Any of you who knew me back then will remember this beauty. During the summers of 95 and 96 I was the mack daddy pimp dawg(you’ll see later) of an indoor carousel at the Millcreek Mall in Erie. Carousels Two Inc. would bring this beast in every summer and had college kids (mostly) work the ride for the summer. The downfall was 8 hours a day of carousel music. Every once in awhile when one of the employees from the main office would run it you’d hear a wide selection of big hair glam bands blaring. This would always piss off the conservative natives of Erie.

Most memorable customer (besides the countless kids that would puke on this thing) was this lady Mrs. George. I knew who she was from her son Joe that went to a rival high school. Anyways, she came up to me and said that she’s filing a complaint. She was offened by the music. Not MY music but the music that the mall was playing over the loudspeakers. (it was some easy listening crap as i recall). She threw a rip roaring fit even after I explained that I wasn’t a mall employee nor had controll over the mall music. In typical Erie fashion she said “Well I’m a customer and you should learn good customer service!” even though I had nothing to do with it. I told her where the main office was and told her to take it up with them. She comes back with the manager of the mall screaming at me about the music. Saying he’s going to call my corp. office and have me fired. I explain to Poindexter that it was HIS music she was complaining about. It finally sunk in and said he’d take care of it. Well Mrs. George stormed away bitching and an hour later Lady Di from corporate called me. She said a lady filed a complaint against me because I refused to change the music. I explained to Di now about the music and she laughed.

The plus side to working this that I never expected… the amount of phone numbers everyday from college girls. My friend Angie (who also worked in the mall) said that everyone is talkin about this guy workin the carousel and died when she found out it was me. I had a saying I came up with that cracked most people up. It wasn’t the text but all in how you say it… “Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis everybody ready to go! Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times and don’t get up until the ride comes to a complete annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd absolute stop. Thank you for riding Carousels Two, the carousel for you!” Heh, that was a fun job. Better than dressing up in plastic bowtie and suspenders for the movie theater.

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