Eat My Meat!


You heard me. Eat my meat! But wait until after I grill it. This is a roast that I had anticipated throwing on the fire. We received a grill for Christmas and as soon as I had that badboy home and built I fired it up. Through the Winter and early Spring I had been working my may up to learn the perfect temperature and time for each slice of beef and chicken. Mrs. spoon figured that the easiest way to get me to eat healthier was to cook it myself so that I could adapt each dish to my liking. Yeah I know all the horrors of red meat but we really don’t grill it more now than before. Chicken is usually on the menu and sometimes when I’m feeling generous I’ll do *ugh* fish.

After marinating in a robust Italian dressing for 2 days and rubbed with a little onion powder and garlic powder, this rump roast was in for an hour. 15 minutes at 450-500F in direct heat and then 45 minutes at 375-400F in indirect heat.

Of course there are pictures – available here

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