Ooohhhhhh! My ovaries!

I hate this time of year. Really, I do. Most people get bad congestion or other shit with their sinuses because of the change of season and what do I get? fuckin migraines. On top of the stress of getting a wedding planned/paid for, trivial family politics and work I’m shocked my head hasn’t exploded yet. A few years ago I was admitted to the hospital for migraines so bad that it was a bitch to even speak. The pain would be in the back of my head and physically push my head forward. My sister in law said it was probably an aneurysm *rolls eyes and sighs*. I went to a neurologist who got me on some meds that have really done the job. The migraines have come back every year for 2 weeks but now I’m not like a blithering drunk and I can get through a day of work. There are some people I know personally that claim to get migraines all the time and it’s usually just to get out of situations (mainly confrontation) or are just fuckin lazy and need an excuse to nap. To them I say… see a doctor and shut the fuck up. Seriously. If you’ve had it this long and never went to see a doctor don’t expect pity from me. Although, I guess the doc would be the first one to discredit you. I really don’t have any tolerance today. Ask the Mrs.. sometime to do her impression of Wal mart migraines. it’s a hoot.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Oooh that sucks!! I’ve been fortunate enough to never have a migraine but I do know of those people you speak of that always SAY they have a migraine, but I know it’s just to blow off work or whatever else!
    Hope you feel better, you almost look as bad as the old man! : )

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