DATELINE: Pittsburgh

Home of the 04-05 Stanley Cup Cha… wait, scratch that.

April 20, the Hippie holiday also known as 420, has finally passed. A day when potheads around the world lay on the couch, smoke some pot and watch cartoons all day. Not like that’s different from any other day. The day comes once a year and with it in this 5th year of 2000 ye gods brought rain. Not just a drizzle but a downpour. Streets were flooded, Noah and his ark were spotted at Point State Park and hippies got their yearly shower. I did my deed and pelted a few in the head with some Irish Spring as they all danced with glee at “alll the preety rainbows maaaaaaaaaan”. Yes what a life it is. makes me wonder what it would be like to live as a hippie for a day but the sight of unshaven women wearing rugs as ponchos, smell of bad weed and the drones of “yeaaaaaaahhhh maaaannnn” and “dude *laugh* like huh riiiight” Just don’t appeal to me anymore. So when you see a dirty hippie in the street feel free to do your part… shoot them with a hose or throw soemthign hard at them. Odds have it they’ll try to smoke it. Especially in Oakland.

Anyone have a towel, i think this one is clean.

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