it’s April 20th (420)… FUCK YOU HIPPIES

I hate hippies. Seriously. Nothing pisses me off more than hippies. What’s worse is dating them let alone living with them. You start smelling like their incence and your I.Q. level starts a steep decline into the abyss known and “uh dude like huhuhuhhuhuh yeah maaaaaaaaaan.” Best line i ever heard was “you just don’t understand man…” That was before I kicked the shit out of him with a bar of soap. The world would be better off if we could just send them all to one area, fence it off and leave the key on a job application. They’d never get out.

Eveyone goes through their own phase, the smart ones just know when the party is over and don’t let the novelty become a lifestyle.

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4 Responses to it’s April 20th (420)… FUCK YOU HIPPIES

  1. Brad says:


  2. Paris and Caitlin says:


  3. Father Spoon says:

    go take a shower and get a job

  4. The weed man says:

    Man hippies kick ass, nuthing better than party;n wit a bunch a hippies ….no one ever fights there all to mellow.We need more hippies!

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